GMG sets the standard for Slab Scissor Safety

While GMG may be the new kid on the block in the slab scissor market, the wise experienced heads behind the company know what they are doing.

Company president and founder Jim Tolle has had a lifelong career in the access industry so no surprise when he sat down with his design team something completely unique would be the result.

And that’s no easy feat in a market that is densely populated with makes and models from manufacturers big and small.

Jim’s design brief was simple, before it would be released it would need to be

  • Stronger
  • More Reliable
  • Better performing
  • And safer

And across the range this is exactly what GMG (Global Machinery Group) have delivered and in fact have already won two awards for innovation (the prestigious LLEAP awards 2018) for their 1530ED Micro Scissor lift and GMGs I power safety integration system.


“One of the great things about designing new equipment today is the technology we can use and integrate into new machines is cutting edge which means we can start with the end in mind and one of the most important aspects for us was safety” Jim Tolle President GMG

This philosophy has resulted in what in my opinion is the safest range of slab scissor lifts on the planet which combine an effective and simple anti crush (overhead warning system) and the I-power integration.

OWS Overhead Warning System (Anti Crush)

Many have tried coming up with an effective system that includes all manner of devices, some that actually restrict the use of the machine and others that rely on the operator coming into contact with overhead obstructions, not with GMG.
GMG have used proven technology from the Auto industry that is used in most motor vehicles today, by placing an ultra sonic sensor in the control box of each GMG machine.


When the platform is raised and an overhead item is detected an alarm will pulsate in a consistent beep, as the platform and operator become closer to the obstacle the alarm will increase the rate or pulse of the beep, and eventually stopping the movement of the machine BEFORE the operator contacts the overhead item.

To proceed further the operator now needs to make a conscious choice to go higher, having to press the OWS over-ride function to continue to elevate the platform, this procedure recorded in the I-Power operating system.

The distance at which the OWS starts beeping is factory set at 8 to 10 feet above the operatorbut this can be quickly and easily adjusted depending on worksite conditions.

Because the OWS sensoris located in the upper control box it moves with the operator no matter where in the platform the operator may be, keeping the operator in control of their environment and the sensor protecting the operator.


This award-winning technology integrates all the safety components on electric slab scissors into one system to communicate with each other and interpret operator actions.

Another GMG first

What is GMG’s I-Power and how does it work?

By using safety components already on machines and integrating all the components into one system that recognizes and communicates to each other, using only the latest technology and ultimately understanding what the operator is trying to do when they select and operate a function GMG machines with I-Power can perform in a manner never seen before.

By using the tilt sensor, monitoring the amperage required for a specific function, understanding the position of the Joystick, the I-Power system will tell the machine what to do and how to do it. For example:

1 ) Duty Cycle:

To save valuable battery duty cycle the machine will not over-amp (consume valuable battery power) at a high rate in a specific function, as a result some models now last 2 days on a single battery charge (Industry First).

  • High Speed Drive: When the operator wants to drive fast the machine will monitor the amperage required to move, as the machine drives and builds up inertia the required amperage decreases, the I-Power system will maintain a constant controlled amperage value and the machine progressively moves faster until it reaches top speed at such time the amperage value will decrease to maintain the desired speed. (Industry First)
  • Lifting: The same theory is applied to max. lift speed
  • High Torque: The I-Power system knows when the machine is attempting to climb a grade, it will automatically put the machine into a variable High Torque mode only providing enough amperage to achieve the grade selected to climb, by doing this the machine does not rely on the operator attempting to climb grades in a manner where he or she can over-amp the battery pack. As a result GMG electric slab machines can and do climb up to a 45% grade. (Industry First)

1 ) Safety:

GMG recognizes the importance of building a safer product, both from harmful chemicals to performance safety.

  • Performance safety: The I-Power system can detect when the machine is descending a slope surface both stowed and elevated, of course elevated drive cut out is implemented once the machine reaches a certain value of tilt, but what about in a stowed situation.? To prevent machine runaway or uncontrolled drive speed down a slope, the I-Power system recognizes the slope and its value of slope and will automatically place the machine in a variable torque value just as it does during climbing a grade. In turn the machine is using the Electric Motor combined with its huge 45-1 Planetary to slow the machine down dynamically, creating a controlled descent.
  • Battery Cooking (Gassing) :Any time the batteries are in a “Cooking” situation the chance of explosion is very high. To eliminate the possibility of “Cooking” the I-Power system constantly monitors the battery value and will not allow the machine to go into a “Cooking” state. (Industry First)

3 ) Maintenance:

A costly situation for all equipment owners. With GMG’s I-Power system much of this maintenance can be done at much longer intervals or not at all.

  • Electrical component failure: “Over-Amping” is the biggest killer of electrical components, because the I-Power system will not allow over-amping the life of many components are extended tremendously (Industry First)
  • Battery Life: Because the I-Power system will not allow battery “Gassing” the battery life is greatly extended. Furthermore GMG warranties batteries with I-Power for 1 year. (Industry First)

3 ) Adjustability:

Some worksites would like to slow the drive speed down, with GMG this is no problem and within seconds the following can be adjusted.

  • All speeds (lift/lower, drive, steering), platform height and some machine options are adjustable within the pre-determined level by GMG. (Industry First)



In addition to the latest technology the GMG team have got a slew of other enhancements that include

  • Stamped and welded in safety floor (no cheap non-skid tape on GMG units)
  • Heavy duty automotive grade door latch
  • Extreme duty guard rails
  • Whisper quiet drive
  • Extended coil cord for loading and unloading

The team at GMG live and breathe safety every day.

If you are equally as committed to safety reach out to the team at GMG today
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